If Lymph System Gets Toxic




Detox is an integral part of good health. If your body isn’t doing

 proper detox on its own, then add detox treatments to your daily routine.


During illness, detox becomes crucial, but must be completed at a rate

 that will not over-burden your immune and other systems.


There are 7 organs and systems involved in the detox process –

kidneys, liver, colon, small intestines, lungs, lymph, and skin.


Our intestinal tract can be a source of toxic substances. For example,

 pesticide chemicals can enter our bowel in food eaten. Bacterial bowel

 fermentation can gradually occur. The bowel eliminates a portion of

these toxins in bowel movements. Unfortunately, another portion is

absorbed into the blood and circulates through the bloodstream.


If your waist-line is expanding, or you are carrying a tire around

your waste that hangs over your belt, it's not your stomach that has

 expanded but your colon and small intestines that are ballooning,

packed with old fecal matter and toxins.


Your liver processes and alters these toxic molecules so that the

kidneys can excrete them. Fat soluble pollutants are made

water soluble so they can be peed out.



 Your lymph system has no pump. It is looking for you to move,

 strenuous exercise.


The lymphatic system deals with the skin and cells, and drains away

 any toxins present. It transports most saturated fats proteins, and

toxic products found throughout the body back to the blood for

elimination through kidney and liver actions. Lymph flow depends

entirely on exercise, movement, and massage. A poorly circulating

 lymph system does not adequately drain toxins, and can result in

 a poorly functioning immune system.


80% of the fat you eat goes into your lymphatic system, which can

clog without your realizing it. Over the years, thick toxins back up

 around your lymph drains and hundreds of nodes - especially those

 in the neck, throat, under the ears, and groin. This reduces needed

 detoxification of toxins, drugs, chemicals, food additives, pesticides

and dirty protein.


This kind of drainage massage is a good way to urinate out excess

 weight, and often centimeters melt off thighs, hips, and stomach.

We are over 75 % water, lots of which is trapped inside us in our

 lymphatic pipes, in the toxic lymph fluid surrounding your skin,

 cells and connective tissue.


Consider starting to make use of an effective method for superior

drainage and detoxification of an often-overloaded and backed-up

 toxic lymphatic system.

Drainage massages are especially needed if you have any degenerative

 problems, or excessive expansion of hips, stomach, thighs, with

accompanying overall weight gain.


     You can achieve rapid weight loss by dumping the lymph system

along with the colon and small intestines:

 Aren't you glad you came to know about ??


              L Y M P H    D R A I N A G E   


It is typical for your lymphatic system without your knowing it

to gradually overload with toxins. What were once clean lymph

pipes and drains get partially plugged-up. Thick sludge eventually

 backs up around your hundreds of nodes - especially those in the neck,

throat, under the ears, and groin. This reduces needed detoxification

 of toxins, metal vapors, drugs, chemicals, food additives, pesticides

 and dirty protein.


Drainage massage is especially needed if you have any degenerative

problems, or excessive expansion of hips, stomach, rear end and thighs,

with accompanying overall weight gain.



The usual massage given is good at clearing some sludge.

 But drainage can be much improved if there is liquification

of the sludge first.  Use the hot nuclear energy of an inert gas,

 argon or neon. This inert gas light is shined into the patient's

skin using what looks like a flashlight.

This liquifying light from a neon bulb makes the thick lymph

 muddy sludge into a watery liquid, which then is pressed

during massage using your hand just behind the roller cylinder,

 toward and into the drains in the chest, and as the massage moves

 down the body, later in the lower body drains.


Liquification using inert gas high energy breaks up the hard caked

 sludge backed up in the patient’s lymph system, so it is now watery-thin

 and ready to be sweat out through the skin, and peed out through the kidneys.


Then, a combination of ozone, infra-red and steam heat is turned on for

a half hour with the patient sitting in a body enclosure

 (small individual zippered sauna).


Toxins like metals, fats, and chemicals are sweat out profusely, so that

the towels end up black that the patient was sitting on.


Without ozone infra-red detox second immediately following, much of the

lymph sludge gradually reverts to where it was.


Gentle massage such as Vader without liquification is 20 times less

effective at opening lymph drains, clearing nodes of sludge, and knocking

 inches off hips, thighs, rear-end, and stomach. Some weight will also

come off and stay off, once retained lymph water (edema) is peed out

through the kidneys.







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