Immune System



Antibiotics are not the answer. They only kill bacteria.

They have no effect against viruses. Their excessive use

 creates new bacteria that can resist those antibiotics.


Essential Unsaturated Fatty Acids (UFAs) help the body

 get rid of viruses, molds and fungus.

 Vegetable juices and nutrient-dense foods in high doses

also helps immune strength.

Don`t forget a capsule daily of fat soluble Vitamin C

to give your immune system a positive jolt.


Drink a few ounces of raw apple cider vinegar morning and night

to reduce acids in the body. Acids attract illness. Measure your

pH to make sure it is alkaline - above 7.0 of urine or saliva.

Buy a pH litmus paper strip (looks like a scotch tape roll)

 put a piece on your tongue for 10 seconds, then match the color with the

color chart on the side of the box/





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