get pH above 7.0




Your acid-alkaline balance pH can be measured by putting

 a piece of litmus paper on your tongue for 10 seconds.

Then match the color of the strip against the color ranges

 on the side of the “scotch tape” dispenser.

You want your pH to be alkaline, or above 7.0


If below 6.6 you are acid from a sweets diet, plus stress.

This acid condition opens you up to invasion by parasites,

 fungus, and bacteria that love an acid environment,

and degenerative diseases such as cancer.


If you take calcium/magnesium tablet supplements

when your pH is acid or below 6.6, the calcium does

NOT go to bone marrow and teeth. It goes to make

your blood thicker and more clot-prone, and skeleton more immobile.

And worse, calcium is stolen from your bone marrow to correct the

 imbalance, moving you towards osteoporosis and arthritis!


If you make the mistake of taking Calcium Magnesium without

 checking your pH then you get worse, because calcium is stolen

from your bone and you end up with osteoporsis, holes in your bone!


The product should NOT be a tablet, but a capsule of liquid or powder.

The ratio should be Magnesium 2 Calcium 1, but that is hard to find

 even in a health food store.


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