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Addictions & Will Power

                                         A d d i c t i o n s


Many of the health problems in the world today are associated with addictive profiles, as people become addicted to a wide variety of substances and behaviors. 


Many people are addicted to coffee, sugar or cigarettes, or in some cases the harder substances such as cocaine, heroine, barbiturates and amphetamines.  There also are addictive behaviors to sex, anger, fear, and other types of life patterns.  Alcoholism is yet another extremely addictive behavior pattern that can cause tremendous problems.


In dealing with alcoholism and other addictions, one of the finest programs in the world today is the twelve step program authored by Alcoholic’s Anonymous.  This twelve-step profile can be used for a wide variety of addictive patterns.  For further information and help, we heartily recommend that you seek out Alcoholic’s Anonymous, Gambler’s Anonymous, or whatever agency is applicable for the type of addictive problem your client has. 


Group therapy can be extremely helpful for clients to overcome addiction and the negative aspects that addiction produces.


Step 1. Self-realization.  The client needs to realize that he has a sickness and an addiction.  Your client must first accept the fact that there is a problem before he can seek help to overcome his problem.  If the person does not accept that there is a problem, it will be hard for him to get help.




How to analyze handwriting can be taught on a weekend. This is a valuable hobby to take up. You can learn more about someone from analyzing their handwriting for 10 minutes than from 30 hours of one-on-one chatting.


Handwriting gives a glimpse into the center of a person’s being, and is truly a mirror of the soul.


This motor mechanism allows the subconscious to express innermost problems of both a physical and emotional nature. They appear, out through a moving hand and fingers, as pressure, slant, spacing, i dots, t crossings, margins, one letter violating another, size, loops, etc.


One’s character traits, morality and ethics can be ascertained.


Handwriting analysis is a science. Good analysts are correct 96% of the time.


Tom Hamilton has been analyzing handwriting for 45 years. He did it

professionally as a management consultant in Scandinavia for 5 years, to help with executive recruiting and job-filling.



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