CNS Central Nervous System

                            M S

     Multiple Sclerosis Protocol


Low UFA’s: in many cases


Metalization in many cases


Concussions a triggering factor in many cases


In nearly all cases, childhood emotional background precludes

individual from seeing who they are as individuals, because they

 are on constant high alert watching for dangers from the parental unit.

 Often MS people, in childhood, have been used as footballs between

 two quarreling parents, or have been ignored, parent brow-beaten,

 or given too great a burden for their immature nervous systems.


Immune situation: the myelin sheath electrical charge is reversed,

 causing it to appear to the immune system as the enemy.

Correction of the electro-chemistry may be primarily influenced

 by mental and emotional therapy.


Otherwise, give subtle energy medicine, in frequencies

that represent the correct nervous system function.

However, if persistent trauma-based  ideation persists,

all the energy medicine in the world won’t make any difference.


   Other effective therapies:

Stem cell therapy for bone marrow undifferentiated cells to become

 whatever they need to be to fix the multiple sclerosis.


Blue shark fetal tissue injections, IM. There are fifth different kinds.

The particular ailment determines which kind to use.

For MS, umbilical cord tissue is best.


Ask patient for history of traumatic events in their life.

There will likely be an event that contains within it

the configuration of the stress complex that triggered the MS.


ARACADONIC ACID The liver converts EFA to this acid. 

 With chronic diseases, most livers cannot convert to this acid.

Standard Process makes Super EFF (888-845-1359) that has the converted Arachadonic Acid and Vitamin E/whole food organic.


Then the nerve sheath can begin healing.

 The above is true for other diagnosed diseases such as Cancer.


            P A R K I N S O N S


The following dump dopamine:

  .. Stimulants

  .. Alcohol

  .. Nicotine

  .. Narcotics

  .. Sexual activity

  .. Loud music

  .. Sugar (insulin dumps dopamine)


Coenzyme Q10.


Regular exercise.


Avoid pesticide and insecticide exposure (as well as environmental toxins like solvents).


Avoid mosquitoes.


Eat more vegetables.


Take non-magnetic iron daily.


Caused by:

   …   concussions lower circulation/oxygenation

   …   metalization of brain, nerves, tissue, organs, glands

            …   from amalgam fillings, bridges, implants, crowns

            …   table salt, cheese, deoderants  

   …   breathing aviation fuel, paint, pesticide sprays, chemicals

   …   toxic, loaded with unreleased damaging toxins the body is very

           poor at getting rid of

   …   not expressing trapped emotions, too macho

   …   low on UFAs, zinc, dopamine, acetylcholine, GABA glutamine

   …   low potassium inside cells

   …    low on Vitamin  D     Get out into the sun every morning to balance

           the  pineal gland in forehead


                                        T R E A T M E N T S


NCR  Neuro Cranial Restructuring  put collapsed balloon up nostril

                                                                  inflate suddenly

                                                                  inside chiropractor job

forces jammed crushed skull

bones away from each other

                                                                  un-pinching nerves

                                                                  improving neuro-transmission


STEP I  -   Replace metal fillings in order of voltage drop with

                  porcelain/plastic composite


STEP II  -  Make metal vapors water soluble with EDTA IVs every

                   other day for 2 weeks and wash them out

                   Chlorella works too


Pull root canal dead teeth, remove the thin connecting ligament

Between the dead tooth and the jawbone   Bone cavitate,

clean out any abcesses.


Be sure to take daily: 

UFAs (Unsaturated Fatty Acids) 



GABA & glutamine

Vit C mega IVs 40 gm/day


 … lymph drainage massage using liquification equipment

…  colonic or enema therapy using probiotic friendly flora

…  infrared and steam detox

…  exercise, and by minimizing toxic protein, too much animal protein,

       fried foods and fat.



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