Heart solutions



Vitamin A - 25000 iu pd

Quercetin - 600 mg pd

Vitamin E - 500 iu pd

Acetyl-L-Carnitine -1000 mg pd

Calcium citrate -100 mg pd

Magnesium citrate - 800 mg pd

Evening Primrose oil -2 capsules 3x per day

fat soluble Vitamin C-5000 mg pd in divided dosages


        Herbal Medicine

Shepherds purse\thyme.

Melilotus – Homaccord - 10 drops 3x per day

Cranolin - 10 drops 3x pd


Follow a low-carbohydrate diet and avoid -sweets ,

potato-chips , sauces , fried foods , junk food , pies ,

processed food , ice cream , wheat products , dairy products ,

soy products , white flour products , sugar in all forms , coffee ,

 tea , table salt , tobacco , alcohol , shark cartilage and

 cigarette smoke.


Lower high blood pressure using Magnesium

(500 – 1000 mg daily and Potassium (500 mg daily).

 Make sure calcium is balanced with magnesium.

Test for exact dosages. Add to this a fish oil, 3 capsules

daily or the liquid, 1 teaspoon daily. Ensure a good quality,

mercury-free oil.


            Niacin (B3 a known vasodilator) and homeopathy. Homeopaths

 for centuries have treated excess cholesterol disease with homeopathic

cholesterinum. Treatment of hyper-cholesteremia includes:


                        1. dietary (decrease red meat, fried and fatty foods, alcohol,

                             processed sugar, while increasing fresh and

                             raw fruits and vegetables)

                        2. niacin 25 mg a day

                        3. Cold processed un-saturated fatty acids

                        4. Cholesterinum


      How To Detoxify The Body

Everyone’s body is different. Toxins may be stored in different

 areas of the body, and each one’s state of health varies.

 8 different detoxification measures -

Colon Cleanse: The first area of the body one should

detoxify is the colon.

A clogged and diseased colon is the end of the line in the

elimination system and can lead to the liver, kidneys,

 gall bladder and lymphatic system backing up with toxins.

Gastrointestinal related issues are the most common symptoms

 patients complain to their doctors about.

If you’re not having a healthy bowel movement 2 times per day

 you are in serious need of detoxifying your colon:

a.) Oxygen colon cleansing supplements
b.) Home colonics/enemas
c.) Outpatient colonics at licensed clinics
d.) Coffee enemas
e.) Herbal laxatives
f.) High fiber/psyllium
g.) Rectal ozone treatments

Liver Cleanse: The liver should be the second area

of your body to detoxify. Most of the biochemical activity

 of detox takes place in the gastrointestinal system and liver.

 The liver is responsible for filtering toxic residues from

the blood and transforming them into harmless, water soluble

 biodegradable substances that can be filtered through

the kidneys. A healthy, functioning liver can clear 99% of

toxins from the blood before they enter the general circulation.

There are many medicinal herbs and nutritional supplements

that can help cleanse the liver and remove toxic compounds,

 including homeopathic remedies, coffee enemas, milk thistle,

 wormwood, and mushroom extracts.

Kidney Cleanse: The kidneys play an important role in

waste elimination, pH balance and optimum health.

After the colon and liver, it’s important to focus on cleansing

 your kidneys. The kidneys are part of both the urinary and

endocrine systems, performing numerous functions such as:

  ..  eliminating metabolic waste,

  ..  filtering the blood,

  ..  producing hormones,

  ..  regulating blood pressure,

  ..  balancing electrolytes,

  ..  balancing acid/alkaline levels.

Kidneys are also responsible for vitamin D activation,

prostaglandin synthesis, and erythrocyte production.

Drink plenty of clean, mineral-rich water with

fresh lemons or limes squeezed into it throughout the day.

Lymphatic Cleanse: The lymphatic system is intricately

 linked to your immune system and is responsible for

removing acidic wastes within and around the cells.

It consists of lymph nodes, tonsils,

spleen, and thymus.

Lymph nodes are found primarily in the armpits, groin,

 breasts, and neck and are responsible for collecting

lymphatic fluid. The tonsils, spleen, and thymus produce

white blood cells known as lymphocytes to scavenge for

 toxins and microbes.

The lymphatic system does not have a pump like the heart

 to keep lymphatic fluid moving. Instead, it depends upon

 exercise, lymphatic massage, and other forms of compression

 to keep the system cleansed and operational.

Gallbladder Cleanse: The gallbladder is an organ located

 directly under your liver. The liver uses bile to remove toxic

 substances from the blood. Bile goes first to the gallbladder

until food arrives in the small intestine. Abnormal concentration

 of bile acids, cholesterol, and phospholipids in the bile can

cause the formation of gallstones. Cleansing the gallbladder

is often overlooked, but is another area of the body that should

 be addressed when it comes to detoxification.

Increase Perspiration (sweating): When most people

focus on detoxification, they forget to include the skin as

an area that should be addressed as well. The skin is your

body’s largest area. The skin sweats, breathes, and eliminates

more cellular waste than the colon, liver, and kidneys combined.

The bottom line is that you need to intervene and create a

situation where your body sweats profusely for at least 30 minutes

 3-4 days a week. The two most effective methods of accomplishing

 this are exercise and saunas.

Chelation Therapy:  One of the most effective ways to

rid the body of heavy metals. Chelation agents bind to

heavy metal toxins and excrete them through the colon and kidneys.

Several different options available for chelation therapy are oral

and IV chelation, mercury DMSA or DMPS, and suppository

chelation with Detoxamin. Calcium EDTA (not sodium EDTA),

 chlorella, garlic, and cilantro are also effective chelation agents.

Emotional & Spiritual Cleanse: The 2 most neglected areas

of research in disease epidemiology are the unseen levels of spirit

 and soul. In addition to physical toxins, there are emotional

as well as spiritual toxins, such as suppressed negative feelings

 and trauma from past experiences that become imbedded or held

in pressure points within the body. To fully establish and

experience real health within the whole person, these must

also be cleansed.

By removing emotional toxins (i.e. anger, hatred, bitterness,

stress, anxiety, un-forgiveness, worry, fear, etc.), and by purging

 the body of built-up contaminants, you can allow

the whole body to heal.




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