D E T O X

      Root Canals

Bacterial toxicity brings on disease.

drains this toxicity and allows it to spread throughout the body.

This toxicity will invade all organ systems and can lead to

 a plethora of diseases such as autoimmune diseases,

 cancers, musculo-skeletal diseases, irritable bowel diseases,

 and depression to name just a few.




The dirty little secret in the dental community -

a gag rule to forbid dentists, under penalty of loss of licensure,

 to inform their patients that mercury fillings, metal implants,

nickel bridges & root canals could cause serious health problems

 and possibly death.


Even the preservative in the pink insert around false teeth

 contains mercury! One must specifically order the false teeth

 without mercury!


Perhaps the older people are meant to die early

so they won’t be a drain on the social security system.


Many practitioners consider chemical and metal poisoning

 to be one of the major causes of cancer.


Such poisoning is also a factor in Alzheimer’s Disease, asthma,

 bronchitis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, epilepsy, emphysema,

 fibromyalgia, heart disease, hypertension, kidney diseases,

 liver diseases, ALS Lou Gehrig’s Disease, neurological disorders,

Parkinson’s Disease, and schizophrenia.


These are often associated with chemical and/or metal toxicity

because of cellular breakdown, chromosomal damage,

 destruction of tissue, and damaged T-cell production.


According to the US Environmental Protection Agency,

more than 3.5 million pounds of toxic chemicals

are released into the air, surface water, land, and

underground injection wells every year.


There are many different metals being dumped

 into the environment at the present time.

Metals seep in and interfere with

cellular enzyme and nerve function.


Where do traces of these highly persistent chemicals end up?

 Right in our bodies. They affect your immune system defenses,

energy levels, sexuality, fertility, emotional health

 and even life span.


The body has the ability to prevent metal poisoning,

but as our system gets more and more depleted and toxic,

it loses that ability, and bugs start to move in.


Many vaccinations, toxic pharmaceutical drugs and

 hearing aids have mercury and other metals in them.

Hair dyes are full of metals. Cadmium is showing up everywhere,

since it is in cigarette smoke.

 If you drink soda or beer out of cans you are

getting a dose of aluminum.


The more mineral deficient a person is, the more difficulty

he or she has detoxing out metals embedded in nerves, brain,

 heart, organs, glands, fatty tissue and cells.  Mineral needs

need to be met before the body will let go of its toxic metals.


Toxic metal vapors seep into organs, glands, brain, tissues

and cellsand removing them requires their being

attached to a chelating substance.

It is trace minerals (beneficial soft metals) that you want.

Potassium, which is inside the cells, helps with

absorption/retention of all nutrients, including minerals.


Because the human body runs on quantum

electro-magnetic energy, minerals are necessary

for the proper operation of cells.

For example, the nervous system runs on the

sodium-potassium pump.

 Inside the cells is the potassium, and

outside the cells is sodium

creating a pumping action to get nutrients in and wastes out.

So minerals are essential. You are not what you eat -

you are what you absorb and retain.


There are 6 organs and systems involved in the detox process –

kidneys, liver, bowel, lungs, lymph, and skin.


Our intestinal tract can be a source of toxic substances.

Pesticide chemicals can enter our bowel in food eaten.

 Bacterial bowel fermentation

 can gradually occur.


The bowel eliminates a portion of these toxins

 in bowel movements.

 Unfortunately, another portion is absorbed

into the blood and circulates through the bloodstream.


Your liver processes and alters these toxic molecules

 so that the kidneys can excrete them.

Fat soluble pollutants are made water soluble

so they can be peed out.


The lungs are helped by deep breathing, exercise,

and anti-oxidants such as Glutathione and Catalase.

Smoking makes the lungs leathery, and reduces

oxygen transfer and CO2 release. Getting the diaphragm

 to settle and expand can be done through small intestine

 massage and reduction of organ inflammation.


The lymphatic system deals with the skin and cells,

and drains away any toxins present. It transports most

saturated fats proteins, and

 toxic products found throughout the body back to the blood

for elimination through kidney and liver actions.

 Lymph flow depends entirely on exercise, movement,

and massage. There are no lymph pumps.

A poorly circulating lymph system does not

adequately drain toxins, and can result in a poorly

functioning immune system.


The LAMB liquification (using inert gas high energy

and a resonant frequency optimum for that patient)

breaks up the hard caked sludge

 backed up in the patient’s lymph system,

so it becomes watery-thin and ready

to be sweat out through the skin, and

peed out through the kidneys.


Then, a combination of ozone, infra-red and steam heat

 is turned on for a half hour with the patient sitting in a

body enclosure (small individual zippered sauna).

Toxins like metals, fats, and chemicals are sweat

out profusely, so that the towels end up black

that the patient was sitting on.


Without LAMBPAW first, the ozone infra-red steam

body enclosure sauna is of less effect.


Without ozone infra-red detox second immediately following,

 much of the lymph sludge gradually reverts to where it was.


Gentle massage without LAMB liquification is 15 times less

 effective at opening lymph drains, clearing nodes of sludge,

and knocking inches off hips, thighs, rear-end, and stomach.

 Some weight will also come off and stay off,  

once retained lymph water (edema) is peed out

through the kidneys.


A lot of problems come from the mouth,

especially dental problems,

such as root canal dead teeth, from dis-

Metal vapors seep into the patient through the sinuses.

 So do damaging micro-organisms growing in the

minute tunnels radiating from the dead root that

the dentist killed and packed.

 A visit to a holistic dentist can become crucial,

 and there are very few, 1 or 2 per city.

The rest are a great danger to mankind.


Therapies can be directed at each specific system or

organ or gland discussed above. Kidney, liver and

gastro-intestinal functioning can be improved using

 a combination of diet, minerals, amino acids,

phyto-nutrients and herbs.


An inexpensive way for you to detox is colon and

small intestine cleansing. If your waist-line is expanding

or you are carrying a tire around your waste that

hangs over your belt, it's not your stomach

 that has expanded but your colon that is ballooning

and packed with old fecal matter. If your bowel movements

come out like a tube of toothpaste, you have at least

27 feet of your large and small intestines

packed with old fecal matter.


If you eat 3 times a day and only have a bowel movement

once a day or even once every other day, you need to start

 the detoxification process by cleaning out your colon

 and small intestines. Start by incorporating psyllium husks

 or a psyllium-based product morning and night. 

You can find psyllium husks at your health food store.


Take a teaspoon of psyllium and mix it up with good water

(or juice); down it -- and then what it turns into is like a

brillo pad type of substance; a fiber that goes through your gut

 and cleans out your gut ...and then you will be pulling out

all the garbage that's stuck to the inside of the colon wall.

 You can also assist your body with the addition of enemas

 and colonics. It’s important to have 2 bowel  movements a day

rather than once a day or every 3 days.


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