QELA Hair Analysis a quantum jump


Tom Hamilton taught comprehensive & accurate computerized testing

                           using QELA  -

            Quantum Energy Level Analysis.


The QELA makes 10,000 measurements. This can be done

from quantum energy level analysis of hair cut off

the back of the patient's neck.


Each of us are quantum and digital. Therefore we need

to evaluate the body in digital terms, not analog.


The Report puts together the quantum energies needed the most,

and the energies causing inflamation with too great a presence.


The QELA System measures your reactions to ten thousand

 applied stimulations similar to homeopathic remedies.

 It catalogs your electro-physiological reactions.

QELA uses the link of energy potential to each of

thousands of natural therapies.


Many of the causes of disease that sneak up on us are

beneath our conscious awareness. Our Unconscious is

much more aware of the disease-causing factors that assail us.

 Your subconscious reacts directly by making subtle

energetic changes in your cells. This device makes us aware

of the imbalances & healing needs of your subconscious,

which is your own best doctor.


There is individuality to the physical and emotional findings

 about each patient. Your Stress can come from toxicity,

physical and emotional trauma, deficiencies, perverse energy,

pathogens, allergic sensitivities, wrong pH, inherited difficulties,

 and other sources. Stress reduction, balancing imbalances,

 and behavioral analysis should be the core of medicine.


Measuring quantum energy imbalances gives indications

of the cause of each symptom.


Its revealing how right-on the emotional hang-ups are that print out!

The physical imbalances uncovered are just as impressive.


                               All it takes

 a QELA Hair Analysis Test costs $111. Where are you located?

You can have deep-seated chronic disease and yet be symptom free.

Use the responsive QELA hair analysis, which monitors

the imbalances using a swift digital cybernetic loop working

at your bodys cell speed.


Over 300 research articles have been written about such

quantum devices and testing approach, many published

 in peer reviewed medical journals.

Such devices and techniques have been taught in some

medical schools since 1995.


The science behind this technology is one of uncovering

 more and more scientific proofs through advanced mathematics

 and bio-chemistry.

This new technique is not experimental any more.

Frequencies cannot be measured with a resistance-only device. A

graphic picture of the capacitance, inductance, and conductance of each

quantum energy level is accomplished. This energetic medicine us

uses the potentials of volts, amps, resistance, oscillation, frequencies, etc

gain accurate in-depth levels.


Obsoleted competitors have for years been using just one channel -

skin resistivity using a needle probe - the readings of which

are biased by the physical and mental condition of the operator. 

The EDS (Electro-Dermal Systems) industry is being overtaken

 by this new cybernetic fractal chaos theory quantum technology.


The Voll, Eclosion, Phasix, Listen, Best, and other

EDS skin-resistance systems use analog-to-digital converters,

thus diminishing the accuracy of the data, not being

at bio-transaction speed. 

QELA uses a digital-to-digital approach.

This greatly increases the quality of the data.


QELA measurement makes use of Vincent pH Terrain Analysis, do

doing what the BTA 2000 does while going beyond it.  

This QELA Software opens up an exciting new world of natural healing.

This is a wave of the future, like stem cell therapy is,

that you will want to ride.



              K, P  52      August 22, 2010

                   DOB: June 2, 1959   POB: Wien  Austria


                     Bitbyte Strasse 2 Wien  A 7222


            011 43 650 222 2222


                        C  O  N  D  I  T  I  O  N                                        



Ileocecal valve not closing properly, colon, small intestines



pain, supra spinnatus, lateral rotators, quad femor, scapula, neck triangle, muscles



inflamation, pre-ALS, thymus weak, fatigue, liver Hep ABC, urethra brain NH3



Dwarf tape worm 1" long in colon small intestines from pets, irritable bowel, leaky gut



Fungus & parasites, low friendly flora in stomach, colon, small intestines, ph acid



Pancreas weak, insulin resistance, swollen tummy, fatigue, pH too acidic




                                 K, P  52      August 22, 2010


                               DOCTOR's  PREVENTIVE RECOMMENDATIONS


salivarius pure capsule on arising, chiropract vagus nerve and ileosecal valve, 5 colonic sessions, Betain HCl

atlas sacral cranial adjustment, mild NCR (Neuro Cranial Restructuring), K1 & K2


Spingomyleine 1 800 233 9355 *4453, Vitamins A, C, E & D, no fruits or sugar or dark colas, Byrne protocol, Ultra I & II


Hercules & juice of oregano physician strength from N American Herb & Spice 1 800 243 5242, pure glutamine on empty

Syclovir from San Diego CA 619-938-1671, probiotics, black walnut green husk, garlic

pancreas digestive enzymes from Allergy Research Oakland CA, nano-minerals 6.8+ CaMg, complex carbs, protein shake


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The most serious problems are at the top, in descending order of impact.


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